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Gambling Facts and Myths

Myth: I could never develop a gambling problem. I know how to control my gambling.
Fact: Almost anyone could develop a gambling problem if they are not careful. No one thinks they are going to become addicted to gambling originally, and when they do, they are often not even aware that they have a problem. Regardless of whether you think you could develop a gambling problem, you should still proceed with caution and practice responsible gambling.

Myth: Teens don't develop gambling problems.
Fact: Teens tend to gamble with friends and not in casinos, but that doesn't mean they can’t develop gambling problems. In fact, teens are many times more likely to develop gambling problems than adults. A survey in Alberta, Canada found that 8 per cent of adolescents between 12 and 17 years of age had gambling problems, while 15 per cent were considered at risk of developing problems.

Myth: Gambling makes life more exciting. There is nothing more exciting than taking risks.
Fact: Risking your money on a sports game, cards, pool or casino games is the epitome of fun according to some people. There is no doubt that there is some excitement attached to taking risks, but there is very little excitement involved in losing your money or becoming dependent upon something. Problem gamblers always report that they are unhappy, anxious, worried or upset.

Myth: People can usually win their money back if they are on a losing streak.
Fact: This is totally untrue. Gambling should not be about winning money, but simply a leisure activity. Casinos don’t exist to make people money, but to make themselves money, like any other business.

Myth: Hitting a big win or winning the lottery will solve all of your problems and put you on easy street.
Fact: This is simply not true. Studies have shown that people who win a lot of money are no happier after the initial excitement wears off. Happiness has been proven to have little to do with outward circumstances of wealth, and everything to do with inner perceptions. This may seem far-fetched to you, but ask yourself why people who are rich or who become rich are no happier than those who are poor then. Indeed, people in “poorer” countries are often happier than those of us living in “developed” countries, possibly due to their more cohesive families and communities and developed inner perceptions. On top of this, a lot of money brings with it a lot of responsibilities and expectations.

Myth: Gambling is an easy way to make money.
Fact: Although some people do win, over time, you will always lose more money than you win.

Myth: If you have been losing for awhile, by persisting you will eventually be due for a win.
Fact: What happened in the past has no bearing on your next game. Chasing losses will only lead to more losses.

Myth: I can win because I am experienced in this game, so I am able to predict what will happen.
Fact: Although some games have an element of skill, the element of chance is always higher and is never in your favor.

Myth: I just have a feeling I’m going to be lucky.
Fact: These are just wishful feelings – they have nothing to do with whether you will win or not.

Myth: Gambling is a solution to my problems.
Fact: Gambling can be fun like any leisure activity, but spending a lot of money and time on it will only create more problems, even though it may seem to temporarily hide your problems from view

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